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NEW Realm Psychofun 2021 COMMING SOON

- A second realm PF will be created after the information obtained from the player and the overall INFO according to Oldschool server

- The server will be adjusted to smaller and weaker statss for better PVP and to not soloable Bosses

- Psychofun server, which is open now will still be open, you will not lose chars and there will be not WIPE

- Only the second realm PF will be created, where every player can start from the beginning called justice

- Now we are just waiting for the CORE compilation and then he will start working on it

- You will get more about startup, etc. on an ongoing basis, so far I'm only writing general information about what's going to happen


Arena TOP Sets + Grand Marshal's Sets

Arena TOP Sets
- were removed from Arenas because they lost value when they are already for PvE from Quest
- these sets will remain only for Quest at Vendor, where you need:
-> P7 part of set
-> Battle TOP part of set
-> Arena TOP Deck

Grand Marshal's Sets
- these sets were added today to the game
- they are with the same vendor as Arena TOP sets
- this set will replace the "Oldschool" Arena TOP set, it will be only for PVP - Arenas
- it is a better set as Arena TOP and worse than Fallen Angel SET
- this set will reduce the big difference in stats between Arena TOP and Fallen Set
- rating range 1750-2000, chances for all players to make a rating and get better SET

Winter Legendary Waists
- have been returned to the game and modified statically
- this Waist needs :
-> 15x Head of Sejr Plesnivý
-> 1x Arena Waist Of Hell Magic or Arena Waist Of Hell Attacker
-> 5x King Kong Head (World BoSS)

Diablo trinkets
- they were also returned to the drop from Diablo
- were adjusted statically to other items + upon recovery you get 50% HP and Many
-> Diablo Power of High Stacker
-> Diablo Power of High Wizard

Ahn'Qiraj II Items
- name changed to "Oldschool" ULTRA

King Kong WORLD BoSS
- new World BoSS has been added to Tempset Keep Instance
- King Kong Tabards is drop there:
-> Reflect Frost + Shadow DMG when activated (5 sec duration)
-> Reflect Fire + Shadow DMG when activated (5 sec duration)
-> Fire Resistance +125 - increases Fire Resists +125 when deployed
-> Absorb Melee and Spell Tabards, which absorb 450,000 Physical DMG when activated
-> King Kong head on Legendary Waist

For current items and name states, just delete the CACHE folder before joining the game!


ANTI-ELE Ticket + BT Key

ANTI-ELEMENTAL Ticket - can get in-game with tickets:
- 2x Elemental Ticket
- Funny Ticket
- Lunacy Ticket
- Portals Ticket

Added Black Temple Quest to Vendor Xi'ri in Shop, need:
- 100x Badge of Justice
- 100x Mark of the Illidari



Created and added new ARENA Accessories
- Cloaky, Wristy, Necky, Waisty, Ringy, Shoes, Tabardy
- in the rating range 1750-2050

- added back also for Arenas in the rating range:
-> 1750 (HEAD)
-> 1800 (SHOULDERS)
-> 1850 (GLOVES)
-> 1950 ( LEGS)
-> 2000 (CHEST)

- at the request of the player created for Class Rogue swords:
-> Elemental, Anti-Elemental, Auch Ele / Anti Elemental, BattleGround and Fallen Angel

Spell (BUFF) [Elune's Blessing] slightly reduced -1% Stats
Spell [Shield Block] at Wara slightly reduced
Spell [Seal of Righteousness] for Holy Paladin slightly reduced

DUNGEON Karazhan
- Drop of P5 Set + added to Dungeon Karazhan + in front of Dungeon spawned NPC with Drop

Added 2 new Spell / Melee rings to Bosse Illidan Stormrage
- with a chance for UP Heal / Dmg and Attack Power

DUNGEON Black Temple
- Reborn loot from BT with 42% chance

CHANGED Start FREE EQ - P4 Set + Zabiják Weapons

ELEMENTAL WEAPONS can be done again for Elemental TICKET

Current progress EQ:
- P4 Start free EQ + Zabiják Weapons
- BT Set + Accessories -> Black Temple
- P5 Set -> Karazhan
- P6 Set + Accessories -> MoltenCore
- P7 Set -> Serpentshrine Cavern(SSC Dungeon)
- Battle TOP Set + Accessories -> BG Marks + Honors
- Arena TOP Set - -> Rating + AP or Quest in the shop
- Fallen Angel Set -> Arena TOP + Rating + AP



3x NPC added to the game after today's restart

- to be higher interest in PvP - arenas, so NPC was created with Fallen Angel weapons
- NPC Fallen Angel Broken weapons
- NPC Fallen Angel weapons
- NPC Fallen Angel II Weapons(Upgrade)

- Broken Weapons price: 1800 Rat 2250 AP
- Fallen Weapons price: 2050 Rat 2625 AP
- Fallen Weapons II price: 2200 Rat 1500 AP

The player can then choose whether to do a Weapons Quest and farm the Heart from the boss, or go to the arena and buy it for Rating and Arena Points.


Open Dungeon Ahn'Qiraj

- need Ahn 'Qiraj, which can be done at King Kong for 500x LEMBAS
- in front of Ahn'Qiraj there are NPCs in which you can see what the Bosses are dropping + NPCs on Quest Upgrade
- in the dung there are 2 new Bosses Jack Skellington and Infernal Ball
- Boss Infernal Ball drops Tokens on UPGRADE TOP Arena item on TOP Arena item II
- Boss Jack Skellington drops Jack Skellington Bag Melee / Spell and Quiver for hunter
+ will be added new AQ Accessories

New BRAVERY Bags and Bravery MegaBUFF Pack have also been added to the game!

- Bag of Bravery Hero Spell
- Bag of Bravery Hero Melee
- Bag of Bravery Hero Quiver
Bag price is 1500x Mark of Bravery

- Bravery MegaBUFF Pack! is an Item that costs 50x Mark of Bravery

After passing Q for 50x Mark of Bravery, the player gets 25x [Bravery MegaBUFF Pack!] and 1x [Symbol of Kings]
after right click on BUFF the player gets the following buffs: Paladin King, Priest Stam and Spirit, Druid Gift + ELUNE

Further after communication with players they were added to the game BattleGround Weapons

- BattleGround Weapons were created because of the players who can't catch Gruul Bosse and create Fallen Angel Broken Weapons
- these weapons are a little better than Auch Elemental weapons and a little worse than Fallen Angel Broken weapons

VENDOR has been added to the shop to replace Fallen Angel weapons

- with this vendor it is possible to exchange example Paladin 2H Polearm for Paladin 2H Sword, or the new Paladin 2H Mace
- it is possible to exchange example Hunter Ax for Hunter Ax II with a different skin and the same stats
- further Warrior can exchange the Main or Offhand Sword for a new Warrior 1H Mace
- etc.


Added NEW Sets for Shadow Priest:

- P6 Shadow Priest Set
- P7 Shadow Priest Set
- Battle TOP Shadow Priest Set
- Arena TOP Shadow Priest Set
- Fallen Angel Shadow Priest Set
These sets will be added by Shadow Damage players and will slightly decrease the HEAL and Bonus Damage on Holy Spells.

It was created too Fallen Angel and Fantasy Shadow Priest Wand

- just like the set, it will specifically add Shadow Damage for the landing and slightly decrease the HEAL and Bonus Damage to Holy Spells.

From P6 Set has been deleted "Yellow text (Old item price)"

At Arena TOP Sets "Yellow text" has been replaced by the current item price for Quest


Added new PVE add-ons to SSC Dung with 13% drop chance

- PVE Spell / Melee Cloaks
- PVE Spell / Melee Necks
- PVE Spell / Melee Tabards
- PVE Spell / Melee Rings + Regeneration
- PVE Spell / Melle Waists

These items have the status of the Best items on the server from Aren for 2200 rating. PVE's name is because they are purely on DMG and have no Defend stats such as: Armor, Resists, Ressilience and haste the same than Wotlk servers.

There are also new FANTASY Items, so-called Gadgets + Fantasy BAG

FANTASY Items will be for each class separately. It will be Wand, Gun, Thrown, etc. or a trinket according to classy.

These items will contain "New Bonus Spell", which will be usable in PVP.

[Fantasy Goblin Enha Totem]
- is a totem for Enha shaman, which after right-clicking throws a bomb that puts FIRE Damage into the player and stun for 3 seconds if it hits.

[Fantasy Black Warlock Wand]
- is a wand for Warlock, which after use throws a buff to a pet who has me developed and boosts his stats
- Usage: Your pet gets Spell DMG by 30000, Attack Power by 10000 and Armor by 70000.

Next was created new Fallen Angel Staff
- is in vendor Fallen Angel weapons, where he can be exchanged for Spell sword and Book but decrease haste, so the player can choose:

- higher haste lower BD (Spell sword + Book)
- higher BD lower haste (Staff)

Server status
  • World server: ONLINE!
  • Login server: ONLINE!
  • Online players: 0
  • Aliance: 0
  • Horde: 0
  • Uptime: 5d 13h 38m
  • Arena flush: 0d 14h 5m

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