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- reduced duration on Blind a spells Sap -> -2 sec

Spell Druid
- increased cast on Healing Touch and Starfire -> from 1.21 to 1,12
- talent Nature's Grace modified -> now no need to speed up cast in druid
- reduced spell Barkskin -> -10%

Psycho Rocket Boots
- created a new Quest for "Oldschool" boots with Nitro(+300 Speed ​​by 1 sec, CD 5 min.)
- quest was added to Psychofun Eye Quester in the Shop(Melee & Spell Boots)
- for complete Q you need
-> 255x Purple Pearl
-> 200x Event Mark
-> 1x Ghost Head
-> 1x HOPSA Arena Boots

VIP Items
- VIP Cool Spell/Melee Bag have been added to the VIP section on the manager
- is a bit better than EPIC Bag + and has a "Red Circle" effect under the player
- the price of the bag is 150 Minces



- added to Blessing of the Black Book spell new bonus spell that will increase your pet's Ressists(CD 1min.)
- after using your Pet will automatically get +50 All ressistances

- new bonus spell added to Shell Shield spell, which will increase your pet's Ressists
- after using, your Pet will automatically get +50 All ressistances
- Wyvern Sting a Freezing Trap --> reduced duration time from 9 to 6 sec.

BOSS Selin, Vanndar Stormpike & Drek'Thar
- bosses from Alterac Valley(BG) & Selin from Magisters' Terrace modified after restart
- all spells of these bosses were added to VmapsIgnoreSpells
- when BOSS is in the texture, it will still cast spells
- Prevention against bugging into the Texture



Spell Druid
- spell Cyclone - > slowdown cast from 0.6s to 0.9s
- Starfire stun -> reduced from 3 sec to 1 sec


Marshal Sets
- new set created -> Marshal set (Arena Set)
- The set is primarily intended for weaker players who cannot gain a rating in arenas
- part of the set costs -> BG part + 2000 Arena Points
- The set was added to Arena Vendor with Grand Marshal Sets

ZOO Rings
- was created by Oldschool ZOO Regenerator Rings: Spell Ring and Melee Regenerator
- vendor on Quest added to dungeon Shadowfang Keep
- 4 types of raw materials are needed 100x each to create the ring

- Illidan Regenerator was added to Boss Illidan in BT with 3% chance to drop
- and also VIP Regenerator Ring was created, which can only be obtained from DONATE


PSYCHOFUN WOTLK 3.3.5 2021 Coming

For players who lack the good old WOTLK for style like the known AT servers and Deff, will work on reborning the Wotlk Server PF.

The server should be focused on PVP, start EQ and going BGs and Arenas for the best EQ

TBC realm has been revived the population is growing, so it will remain online too.



Enha Shaman
- reduced Windfury Damage -> -20%
- reduced Weapon Mastery Talent -> -2%

- increased talent to HP -> approx. +170 000 HP
- reduced spell Disarm (duration) -> from 13sec to 6sec
- melee DMG reduction added to items

Mage a Warlock
- reduced Shadow and Frost DMG -> -1%

- reduced Buff "King" small and big -> -8%
- Heal, Holy/Melee DMG and Stamina increased due to reduced "King Buff"

- increased absorb in all tabards -> +50 000, currently 400,000 DMG reduction



Enha Shaman
- reduced chance Windfury - -> -5%

- added Warglaive BUFF to all 1H Swords -> chance increase haste/DMG
- all 2H Swords/Mace for Warrior -> increased DMG


VIP Trinkets
- new trinkets added to VIP section
-->Bonuses in trinkets<--
- Worgen --> the ability to turn on a spell for 3 sec, that deals shadow DMG
. Increase --> 50% chance for increaseed spell Haste and damage
- Freez Attacker --> freezing the attacker
- Resurrect --> 10% chance of reviving a player when he dies

- Ranged Items added to boss Akil´Zon
- wand, totem, libram, idol, gun, thrown



- Spell Shaman - little increased Heal --> +20%
- Enha Shaman - little increased spell Windrury on weapons

Spell Druid
- little increased spell haste
- decreased buff for increase spell cast

Retri Paladin
- added VIP, Ele, Arena and BG Two-Hand Swords

- added VIP, Ele, Arena and BG Rogue 1h Mace

- added Arena Hunter GUN

Mage, Warlock, Druid
- cast decreased on Polymorph, Fear and Cyclone


Dungeon Black Temple will be opened today
- adjustment of all Elites and Bosses -> Armor, Ressits, HP, Melee DMG
- Bosses in BT drop cards 1-8 Blessings and Furies
- after collecting all 8, you can right-click to create a DECK
- these DECKs are needed for the UPGRADE Ring, Cloak (Arena / BG)
- upgrade items are with name Arena X -TREME Power or BG X-TREME Power


- new QUEST added to vendor Psychofun Quester in shop
- for complete Quest it is necessary to kill all BOSSES in Black Temple
- the reward for Q is Uldaman Key, with this key you can enter to Uldaman Dungeon
- inside the dungeon there is NPC Magic Wings
- BOOK is unlimited to click and after clicking the Wings will appear above your character
- Magic Wings have the Effect as a Parachute + nice Effect over the character
- buff lasts 30min, but can be used NONSTOP

- added port to Black Temple
- added port to Uldaman -> Magic Wings
- added HOPSA BattleGround Spell / Melee Shoes
- little increased TOP items Arena and V.I.P

Everything will be up to date after today's restart



Enha Shaman
- talent Weapon Mastery - -> reduced -20%
- reduced speed on all Fist Weapon
- DMG increase of all Two-hand Axes
- spell added to all Enha Heads -> Two-hand Increase DMG

Warlock, Mage
- spell Polymorph class Mage -> reduced duration time from 9 to 6 sec
- spell Seduction a Fear at Warlock -> reduced duration time from 9 to 6 sec
- reduced cast speed at all Polymorh spells
- Mage decreased DMG on all Frost and Fire spells --> -2%

- DMG increase of all 1H swords
- reduced speed on all 1H swords

Spell Shaman
- increased DMG to Lightning and Chain Lightning Bolts
- reduced spell haste

- reduced talent Searing Light smite DMG -> -30%
- spell Shadow Protection a Prayer of Shadow Protection -> increased rem. time to 7d

Server status
  • World server: ONLINE!
  • Login server: ONLINE!
  • Online players: 5
  • Aliance: 0
  • Horde: 5
  • Uptime: 3d 8h 31m
  • Arena flush: 0d 6h 49m

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