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Backup of all ACC + Charu + DB
- a backup is made before the new realm is launched
- all ACCs and Characters are backed up
- the player loses nothing
- "OLD PF 2021 realm" will be locked after the backup

Enabling a new PvP realm
- enabling a PvP realm takes about 2-3 weeks
- editing items, talent, obtaining EQuip etc.

Information about the new PvP realm
- the number of talent points will be only 61, to max LVL 70
- after gain the player picks up Start SET and Weapons at the end of EXP Zone
- the first start accessories will drop from Onyxia and Diablo

- Sets: P7 & Brutal Gladiator
- accessories, weapons + ranged
- these sets will be needed to arenas

- Sets: Battle TOP & Arena TOP
- accessories, weapons + ranged


- by combining Start + BG + Arena weapons, you can get Wrathful weapon
- by combining Onyxia, Diablo, BG and Arena accessories, you can get Wrathful Gladiator Accessories

PS: some items need to have Reputation at a certain level
- reputation can be gained by completing Quests

Brief information, I'll add more in time




- decreased DMG Shadowbolt -> "-20000-30000"

- decreased talent at Intellect -> "-24%"


- Honors - -> "current price 22950 HP" (formerly 25000)
- BattleGround Box -> "current price 10x PVE Mark" (formerly 1x PVE Mark)

- BG set -> "current price 1 part 10x Glowcap "
1000x PVP Marek can exchange in NPC Psychofun EYE Quester for 10x Glowcap

- Battle TOP Sets ->" current price P7 + BG part set + 2000 Arena points
- PVP Mark -> "6x PVP Mark current price 2805 Honors" (previously 1x = 500 Honors)

PS: price changes were made so that the text did not have to be written on the items.
Now the price is realistically visible item.


- Ultra items -> Ultimate MC (nostalgic)
- Psychofun items -> Ultra (nostalgic)
- Beast Cards + Deck --> Ace of Molten etc + Molten Deck


- RARE weapons are being prepared (at the initiative of the players)
- will be the best on the server
- Q for these weapons will be made so that the player gets rid of weaker weapons from the bags

For Q you will need:
-> Kil'jaeden weapon
-> Battleground weapon
-> Arena weapon
-> RARE Weapon Token (0.02% drop)

- this will use 80-90% of items from the server :)



Revival of Characters

- all players now have a chance to reborn/revive character during the holiday
- this is a Christmas present for everyone who received a DELETE Char for bugging, hacking, etc.

What you need to write Admin

- account name (If acc does not exist, create one)
- Name of Character
- Class of Character
- detailed EQ -> SET, Accessories, Weapons, bags, etc.

Within a few hours after the weekend you have your char back

PS: - All you can write on Admin discord, skype, email or facebook

NEVER losse again your CHARACTER or ACC!



NPC Christmas Help Weapons

- NPC with [XMAS Start BOX] have been spawned in all accessories and Sets dungeons
- there are modified XMAS Fists in the box for Enha Shaman
- it's for weaker or new players who can't afford to log more chars
- now you can buy this box and go Solo all start dungeons in XMAS Time

- Fists are allowed only in dungeons, if port out dungeons - weapons will be removed
- Off-Hand Fist activate Berserk BUFF last 5min(500% DMG & 150% Speed)
- Main-Hand Fist activate 100% Movement Speed BUFF last 10sec


BIG UNBANNED - new chance start with clean shield

--> 20x ACC + 55x IP




Item names
- changed set item names

- Grand Marshal -> Arena TOP
- Marshal -> Battle TOP
- Brutal Gladiator -> the same
- High Warlord -> P7 BWL
- Champion -> P6 SWP
- Sergeant -> P5 ZA
- Murloc -> the same
- names have changed because players know from OLDSchool PF

- have been added to all Hopsa Jumps
- have also been added to Bravery Boss Slain Quests
(Kael, MoltenCore, and EventBoss Moroes)
- EB Moroes was newly created and added to the port and to the Q bravers
- these Q bravers have been renamed to EVENT 1-4

World BOSS
- World BOSS "Gruul the Dragonkiller" was created at the request of the players
- this BOSS should not be Soloable and has a spawntime 5h
- BOSS Drop Event marks, BG marks, MYTHIC Items etc.
- NPC with drop is spawned at Boss
- BOSS is located in hyjal, where you can get through the port

PVE Marks
- newly created "PVE Marks"
- these marks drop from Boss in Black Temple, Molten Core and Blackwing Lair
- PVE marks can be exchanged for BG marks at NPC for BG sets in the shop

Hopsa & Mixed NPC
- the price for the purchase of MIXED Arena items has been changed
- tickets are not currently needed -> Arena item + 15xEM + 20x Bravery
- Black Temple Items from the same NPC were added as a drop to BT Bosses
(Illidan, Supremus, Mother, Teron)

- trinkets were also added to Illidan:
Memento of Tyrande and The Skull of Gul'dan
- trinkets are a bit better than from Battleground


1.11.2021 Delete all ARENA TEAMS



BG Mark & Arena Point Changer
- BG Marks and Arena Points exchanger NPC spawned ingame
- NPC is in Shop
- now you can sell and move Arena Points from char to char

Honor Point items
- items 25.000 and 50.000 Honor Points added to the game
- these items can be bought from vendor for Honors and you can move and sell
- items can be found at NPC Brutal Gladiator Set

Lord of the Ring
- Quest for Lord of the Ring Spell / Melee added to the game
- NPC with Quest is in Felwood
- Crazy Zones & Quest Ports
- You can Upgrade Ring with Quests to 1-6 and max "XTREME Power"

Server status
  • World server: ONLINE!
  • Login server: ONLINE!
  • Online players: 8
  • Aliance: 1
  • Horde: 7
  • Uptime: 0d 2h 8m
  • Arena flush: 0d 22h 13m

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